Guide to Buying Furniture

Guide to Buying Furniture

You finally closed the deal on your beautiful new home. Or maybe you got the keys to your fixer-upper after months of renovations. Probably you might be a recent college graduate, finally starting out on their own in your first new apartment. It’s refreshing and stress-relieving to finally own your home. Too bad it’s still a space void of furniture.

So you need furniture fast, but you don’t want to make mistakes and buy cheap, short-lived pieces. You also don’t want to go over budget, purchasing the house was expensive enough. We hear you, and for that reason, we have laid out a guide to buying furniture.

1. Favor used furniture over newer furniture. It might not seem so attractive right now, heading over to a used furniture store for some items. What most people don’t know is that you can find good quality pieces that can last a lifetime and they cost as much as that new piece you’ve been eyeing online. Take a trip to a flea market near you and see your options.  Here are some other tips on how to find cheap furniture.

2. Avoid buying furniture with ‘0% interest’ offers. The secret that salespeople handing out this offer don’t want you to know is that they have stashed a substantial finance cost into that ‘unbeatable’ price. It is highly likely that you can amass the entire furniture collection for a fraction of what they are asking.

3. Be patient. Not every good deal comes at once. Take your time furnishing your home, collecting bits and pieces of high-quality items over a period of time. Start with the essentials that you know you cannot do without. With time, you can slowly add to your collection pieces that speak more of your personality.

4. Buy furniture that works with the space you are eyeing. Pay close attention to the dimensions of the space, taking note to pick furniture that will not overwhelm and dominate the entire space. To be sure, take measurements of the space you want to fill, and choose furniture that fits and complements the area entirely.

5. Choose furniture that fits into your lifestyle. If you have small children, silk upholstered furniture might be a painful and pricey choice, seeing how many stains you’ll be rubbing off now and then. Make sure your furniture doesn’t hurt your plumbing.  If it does we recommend, Peerless Plumbing Company for Drains, Sewer, Pipes, Water Heaters, Toilets. Our lifestyles have a tendency to change as time goes by, so getting a versatile piece will save you lots of cash in the future.

These guidelines will go a long way in helping you choose furniture pieces that work for you, and last a long, long time. Whatever you do, not forget to do your research before you go furniture shopping! Happy shopping!

Furniture Shopping Tips

Furniture Shopping Tips

As you’ve probably guessed, buying a furniture can be a very stressful activity. A wide range of choices, the cases of suspicious quality and your inability to predict how the furniture is going to change over time are just some of the concerns you might have along the way.
That’s why you need to prepare. These are 7 tips you should follow in order to make the best out of your furniture shopping.

1. Dedicate enough time for shopping the largest pieces of furniture

The first unwritten rule of furniture shopping is to buy the largest pieces of furniture first since this is the most important step of designing rooms for your new home. Buying the beds or kitchen elements represents a challenge for anyone because they are the most expensive and largest and also hard to transport. Thus, it is important not to be under pressure during the shopping. Also, you don’t have to rush anything. Dedicate at least 2 weeks for buying these furniture pieces.

2. Make a list of best offers

Take your pen and paper when visiting furniture stores and take notes of the offers you find most attractive. List all the prices, advantages, disadvantages, dimensions and materials. Organize the information in your notebook in a way that best suits you.

3. Make use of the process of elimination

If you are uncertain whether or not you want to buy some piece of furniture, you can start by eliminating one by one. Take every factor into consideration, especially the price and quality.

4. Pay attention to every characteristic

Besides from the obvious things you should look into such as the price and quality, you must not neglect the other characteristics of the furniture such as design, functionality, dimensions, guarantees, and the delivery.

5. Consult the staff

If you have any problems whatsoever, don’t hesitate to take any advice you can from employees in the store. They’ll know the quality of the certain piece of furniture and will also provide you with a lot of useful information you can’t observe on your own such as complaints made by the customers regarding that specific piece of furniture.

6. Don’t buy the cheapest furniture

Sometimes buying the cheapest thing is the most obvious choice. But when it comes to furniture that shouldn’t be the case. You must wage between the price and the quality. In any case, better choose the quality over the cheapest price because what’s the use of the furniture if it will soon be broken due to its low quality.

7. Take the time to think

Don’t buy the furniture the minute you make up your mind. Because that’s the time you are overwhelmed and bound to make a wrong choice. Instead, take a day or two, let the decision rest in your mind. Sometimes you can find a better offer and soon realize it was wise not to rush in the first place.